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NYS Workers Compensation: The Power of Evil
[版面:海外华人][首篇作者:WangLimin] , 2020年03月21日16:30:37 ,237次阅读,2次回复
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发信人: WangLimin (王利民), 信区: Chinese
标  题: NYS Workers Compensation: The Power of Evil
关键字: NYS,Workers Compensation,The Power of Evil,Deniers,Limin Wang
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Sat Mar 21 16:30:37 2020, 美东)

NYS WCB # G2029240, The Power of Evil
---My Written Statement to the Upcoming 03/27/2020 Hearing
By Limin Wang
March 21, 2020

WCB’s correspondence received on 02/20/2020 states that the employer/
carrier,  claiming to “have documentation of voluntary removal from the
labor market”, has made a hearing request on 02/10/2020, i.e., the date the
WCB panel of three judges announced their rejection to my 10/31/2019 review
appeal. I am eager to learn what kind of documentation it could be. My
documentations of the real murder but fake justice system through workplace
trap injury and then through further treacherous injuries from medical “
services” should not be simply ignored or buried though.
Then, WCB’s postal mail received on 03/05/2020 sets the next hearing on 03/
27/2020, 9:00 AM 30 Min, at the usual WCB hearing site 168-46 91st Avenue,
3rd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11432. The written PURPOSE states: “Whether or not
payments should be suspended or reduced. It is necessary for you to provide
the Board with the most recent and up-to-date medical report from your
treating doctor. Failure to produce this report may result in the reduction
or suspension of your benefits. Further consideration of the neck and left
elbow. Claimant to produce medical evidence of lost time, to consider
attachment to the labor market.”
I do not quite get its complete meaning in plain and simple languages. I
would like to answer this hearing plain and blunt.
It’s supposed by the WC Law that the treating physicians are required to
submit the medical reports and billing forms such as C-4’s to the WC Board.
It’s already so practically impossible for an injured worker to find a WCB
-authorized physician to take and then unbiasedly diagnose and treat an
injured-worker. Why this evil system is mounting almost every burden or
blame on the injured worker? The last available “treating” doctor, from
New York City Medical & Neurological Offices, still acts “diagnosing” and
“treating” on me. Why there was no direct submission of the medical
reports from NYCMNO to WCB shown in eCase Folder about my recent
neurological visits? NYCMNO claims that they have submitted the reports to
WCB. When I submitted these medical reports, whatever difference it had ever
made to the LONG TOTAL SUSPENSION of compensation from Feb. 01, 2019 to Oct
. 03, 2019? How the WCLJ reached a decision of temporary partial disability
compensation of $150 (ONE HUNDRED FIFTY)/week on the Oct. 03, 2019 hearing?
By 10/03/2019, the most up-to-date medical report I submitted to WCB about
my 09/17/2019 neurological visit states 100% temporary total disability.
It’s the system’s wanton play, not only on the compensation, but also on
the authorization of medical diagnosis or treatment, against me the victim.
The so-called “no medical evidence” for the beginning three weeks of
uncompensated lost time is directly caused by such an irresponsible,
ruthless, but meticulous system. It’s a premeditated and coordinated murder
attempt on me, and it’s sourced from state- or deep-state- level. The
perpetrators use multiple means to make me not able to find any physician
for real diagnoses and treatment. When I did see a new PCP on Jan. 29, 2018
about the injury, it’s my then “representation” attorney and the WCB
system chose to ignore it.
It’s such a managed “medical service” system that premeditatedly and
coordinatingly inflicts further physical, physiological, and psychological
harm to me while removing the direct medical evidences of my serious
injuries for the perpetrators. If I had recovered just by myself with the
time, the perpetrators would have come back to mount me with medical bill “
balance” because they had documented almost no direct evidence of injuries.
When my health has been deteriorating, almost all these “medical service”
professionals, through forms of fraud, only want to DECLARE their shameless
OPINION that I am healthy, or that I have diseases, even psychiatric
disease, but no injury. They know I will die of my serious injury quickly or
suddenly without real treatments, but they know to even shamelessly write
down “0” in the line of number of my dependents in the permanent
impairment section. No judge or “representation” attorney would ever care
or correct such blatant systemic fraud, because they are part of the
fraudulent system. This system has already turned my “wife” into a sick
burden living only on me for so many years. How my young children would be
able to survive in this real cannibalism system?
I have written so much so long to the WCB about my three wants: 1) honest
and high-resolution MRI on my head and spine; 2) criminal investigation and
punishment to the perpetrators; 3) financial compensation for temporary
total disability. What has been done by the WCB? Has OSHA recovered the trap
ladders set up by the perpetrators at B.Q. Wide Auto Body Parts Supply, Inc
.? I can not trust these “treating” doctors’ tests results and their
business-connected MRI facilities’ findings, because besides so many things
, they even hold my shoulder steady to run their so-called balance test,
deny the existence of an open-mouth view X-ray image, and give me blank or
dysfunctional DVD’s of MRI images while claiming in their “findings” NO
INTRACRANIAL BLEEDING of any age. The government bureaucrats may be so eager
to bring up laws of thousands-of-pages, but they don’t show a smattering
of patience to read what I the victim has written about this injury case.
The NYS WCB and DOH OPMC are supposed to have officials with medical
credentials, but they do not show a grain of care about the victim. The
bureaucrats only ruthlessly brush away my plethora of symptoms from head
trauma and tetraplegia; they ruthlessly refuse my request to have an honest
and high-resolution MRI on my head and whole spine; they ruthlessly render
their power to declare facts and decisions based on such a fraudulent system
, with an eager to even discontinue the meager $150/week WC compensation and
the $860/month SSD benefits.
My NECK was injured in the Jan. 16, 2018 workplace trap fall,  due to axial
acceleration/deceleration compression, hyperflexion with a split second of
total loss of consciousness, and hyperextension with a hearing of loud metal
-like banging noise. And my NECK was further injured by Dr. Yazan Rajai
Jabaji’s sudden and big rotation of my head & neck at New York Medical &
Diagnostic Center on Feb. 17, 2018, under the cover of his first
chiropractic treatment on me, and then electrically shocked through left arm
to neck to head under the cover of SomatoSensory Evoked Potential (SSEP)
test by an old Jew technician at NYMDC on Feb. 19, 2018. These days were
supposed to be my first days to visit NYMDC, which was referred to by my
then newly retained attorney’s law firm Bangel, Cohen & Falconetti, LLP.
It’s NYMDC that denied the existence of an open-mouth view X-ray done on
March 08, 2018 which CLEARLY shows fracture on the CRUCIAL C0-C2 area. It’s
the NYS governmental agencies that chose not to act actively on such “
medical conduct”. It’s NYMDC and their business partner Neighborhood
Radiology that hindered an early MRI on neck and then tampered with the Apr/
12/2018 MRI evidence. It’s the WCB Judge Anthony Golden, together with my
“representation” attorney Mr. Matthew T. Swansen from BCF and of course
with the defense side, to set aside my neck, a CRUCIAL but injured site, as
prima facie injury site, for further dispute, on the first hearing (pre-
hearing) set on March 12, 2018. The Judge was citing the 02/16/2018 medical
report from Dr. Benjamin Uh for this prima facie. How ridiculous is that
such a report was not shown in the eCase Folder at all until April 2018? It
was not shown during the hearing when I was silent but present. WHY Dr.
Benjamin Uh DIDN’T INCLUDE MY NECK in his 02/16/2018 MRI referral? Read the
first hearing decision’s exact treacherous phrasing!
Sixty days after that hearing decision (file dated as March 16, 2018), it’s
my “representation” BCF law firm that brought up a Request For Assistance
on May 16, 2018 to want the dispute again on my Neck. The defense side didn
’t initiate any IME (Independent Medical Examination) of anything until
late May, 2018, and their first set of two IME’s were not about the dispute
of neck and left elbow! Instead, the IME vendor Brookside Consultants, Inc.
sent out documents which have clearly included Neck as part of the
established injury sites. Such documents were never sent to me by any
parties, and such documents were DISGUISED in the WCB eCase Folder as
medical narratives from a “treating” doctor, Dr. Mehrdad Golzad. By legal
practice, these governmental and professional people are supposed to know
that then the NECK and LEFT ELBOW are supposed to be considered as part of
the Established Injury Sites too.
They, including the NYS WCB, play their sophisticated treacherous
coordination on and on, against me the victim. For some simplicity here, I
will fast-track to year 2019. When I openly talked to them during the Jan.
03, 2019 IME about the premeditated and coordinated murder attempts, the
WCLJ Anthony Golden and my “representation” BCF attorney Jeffery Feldman
and the “treating” clinics NYMDC and NYCMNO, together with the defense
sides, set me up for a “no medical evidence” decision to totally suspend
the compensation during the Feb. 01, 2019 hearing. More than that, WCLJ
Anthony Golden fabricated a March 15, 2018 IME in this Feb. 01, 2019
decision too.
When I went for the March 14, 2019 IME with Dr. William B. Head, Jr. again,
it’s the IME office that threw a pile of lies to me and then declared NO
IME to me. I called WCB for the receiving lady to put a note in WCB record,
and I called CCMSI insurance adjuster Lisa White. Lisa White told me to
leave without the 03/14/2019 IME. Later, the defense’s law firm Jones |
Jones and the WCB kept claiming that I didn’t go for the March 14, 2019 IME
! The credibility of such government and business powers is at the same
level of their twisted and distorted Hearing Minutes transcripts in the WCB
eCase Folder.
In the spring of 2019, I managed to find three neurologists or neurosurgeons
, Drs. Ahmed Elfiky, Alfred A. Steinberger, John M. Caridi for diagnoses and
treatments. The first two clinics required me to contact the WC insurance
adjuster Lisa White who is always denying any responsibility or lability
since the very beginning. Ms. Lisa White amazingly AUTHORIZED my medical
visits in early March 2019. Then of course, the first two clinics had no
interest in hearing my complaint of symptoms. Dr. Elfiky split my initial
visits into two, the latter one on March 29, 2019, and his “medical report
” was nowhere to be found or actually obtained yet a full year later.  The
earliest available appointment to Dr. AAS at Metropolitan Neurosurgery was
April 03, 2019, to Dr. John M. Caridi at Mount Sinai Health System was April
04, 2019. Dr. AAS avoided to discuss the diagnostic images with me, and
claimed the disks I brought there didn’t have any X-ray images. Dr. AAS or
his assistant never showed they were running the disks. Dr. AAS only gave me
a referral note for a CT regarding ONLY the issue of odontoid process
fracture. People’s explanation to me whether it’s a CT with or without
contrast is contradicting. Dr. JMC gave me a referral note of MRI on
cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, but pointing the diagnoses first at a
crossed-out fibromyalgia and then at another disease --- degenerative disc
disease, and without checking whether with or without contrast.
On the April 05, 2019 hearing, it’s such a drama show! During the hearing,
with a new WCLJ Lucky Enobakhare presiding, the defense attorney lady
suddenly claimed she had Dr. AAS’s medical notes about me. She claimed Dr.
AAS concluded that I can return to work without any restriction, and she
arrogantly claimed Dr. AAS is my CONSULTANT doctor and so I need to pay for
such a visit to Dr. AAS! I was not told by Dr. AAS that he would conclude
such or send to the defense side such a conclusion. It’s a complete shock
to me. (Later days, they changed the handwritten document to a version with
some typed pages, under the same Doc ID#. Weirdly, that file on my computer
local drive has been replaced too.)  Then, the strong-accented WCLJ Lucky
Enobakhare doubted the 100% disability in the narrative “report” about my
Mar. 14, 2019 neurological visit to NYCMNO, and set up two hearings to set
up a phone cross-examination with my “treating” doctors.
WCLJ Enobakhare said as if the defense attorney lady had to take a flight to
Jamaica, Queens to attend such a hearing. Only by July 2019, I started to
know that Jones | Jones LLC (5 Hanover Square, #1001, New York, NY 10004)
has been representing the employer/carrier since the very beginning of this
case, but such information had not been shown anywhere in the documents to
me. In year 2018, WCB sent out mails claiming the carrier was either not
responding or not found at the right email or fax # for treatment
authorization requests. I don’t see straight how a flight is required for
an attorney to travel from Manhattan to Queens within New York City, and how
the defense side could not be reached for business communication in modern
USA. Such excuse was also used again and again by Dr. JMC’s office.
When I arrived by bus about twenty-minutes late for the June 10, 2019
hearing, the WCB at Jamaica, Queens called my former “representation” BCF
attorney to the window, and then told me the hearing was already over
because I was late. The WCB files claimed that I was not present, and such
claim was made at the minutes AFTER I had arrived. On Aug. 30, 2019 hearing,
WCB made me wait for extra hours past the hearing schedule time, literally
making me the last injured-worker out of that floor that day.
When I had extremely violent heart pain in early August 2019 and almost died
of it, I pushed for the spine MRI’s and a second head MRI. All the deniers
’ lies and actions and no-actions still go their old ways. Who cares what!
The three separate MRI’s on my spine from Main Street Radiology were all
paid full out of my own pocket, although MSR had collected both WC insurance
and EmblemHealth insurance information. Besides, MSR DEMANDED me to sign a
sheet prohibiting me from claiming reimbursement from the (WC) insurances,
otherwise no MRI to me. There is no possibility of MRI in the USA without a
doctor’s referral, and MSR was already claiming the 04/04/2019 MRI referral
had already expired on Aug. 15, 2019. What a real sense of FREEDOM such a
system provides to the general people? The cervical spine MRI images from
MSR were not so clear, and the axial slices did not cover the CRUCIAL
craniocervical junction. The thoracic spine was done in a very quick-through
way. It’s possible that the MRI facilities may have done extra scans on me
without my consent or knowledge. Regardless, I don’t have access to the
most important direct medical evidence data. The MSR reports were pretty
much aimed for “degenerative disc disease”. The deniers, including NYS WCB
, wouldn’t authorize the supposedly “pre-authorized” MRI’s and wouldn’t
acknowledge any MRI findings on my spine. Dr. John M. Caridi’s office then
claimed their help couldn’t be available anymore.
By September 11, 2019, IME vendor Brookside Consultants, Inc. started to
take Neck off and to switch Back to Low Back in the list of established
injury sites. When I talked to BCI, WC Insurance CCMSI, and WCB about such
of their DISREGARD of facts, truth, or law, they all acted as if they either
didn’t hear from me, didn’t understand me, or for WCLJ Lucky Enobakhare,
angerly shut off my talk of such important issues during the hearings. Yes,
as Judge says he is not my attorney, but why do such to me as an enemy? The
“hearing” is preposterously for the claimant/plaintiff only to “hear”
what all other parties to say. The deniers choose whatever they want to
impose on me the injured worker/victim. The hearing decisions in 2019 were
all VAGUE about the medical treatments, and no medical practice gives a damn
to my injuries about such VAGUE decisions.
The deniers called off the cross-examination and set up the IME with Dr.
Robert S. April. When I filed a review appeal on Oct. 31, 2019, before the
Nov. 2019 RSA IME. The Jones | Jones attorney wrote in her rebuttal to twist
as if my review appeal had been made after the RSA IME, and portrayed me as
“Mandarin-speaking male” while not mentioning I can generally talk and
write in English. The conspirators imposed an interpreter on me for the IME
but tried very hard to violate my rights of having my accompany for the
recording of the IME proceeding. The Nov. 08, 2019 IME and its report were
not only a psychological trauma but also a physical assault to me. Yet, the
NYS WCB Board Panel Judges cite the deniers’ falsehood as FACTS and the RSA
’s opinion to inflict the psychological assault to me another time. Their
review decision claims not only my neck is still a disputed site, but also
the Back is also diminished to Low Back. Thus, the government bureaucrats,
as business fraudsters, show exactly the same kind of DISREGARD of the
There are SO MANY facts and evidences about what treacheries the multiple
parties of the evil system have done to me. It’s so easy for such kind of
capitalism-footed evil and corrupt system to claim other systems or
governments evil and corrupt. Please face the facts what the USA and special
-colored China evil and corrupt systems have done or not done to me.
Don’t drag me further with this kind of SOPHISTICATED sham justice system,
because the perpetrators have been actually dragging me to die of real
murderous injuries to my central nervous system which has seriously affected
all of my vital systems. Before my injuries from B.Q. Wide Auto Body Parts
Supply, Inc., I had been working as a diligent and efficient slave at B.Q.
Wide with pretty much two full-time slaves’ load and one slave’s minimal
wage rate plus a few hours overtime each week. Some people at B.Q. Wide,
including some management and senior employees are malicious to me almost
daily with unprovoked verbal assaults and physical threats. I want to live,
with my life, liberty, and happiness. I want to seek the three justices. I
first want to seek GENUINE medical diagnoses and treatments to my serious
injuries. If the USA system can not provide it, then don’t pretend it any
more, just like the special-colored China gives a flat-out rejection of
medical assistant to me the “compatriot”.  I hope I can get the needed
help from other countries such as North Korea.

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发信人: WangLimin (王利民), 信区: Chinese
标  题: Re: NYS Workers Compensation: The Power of Evil
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Mar 24 12:35:22 2020, 美东)

The "treating" physician or medical assistant at New York City Medical &
Neurological Offices was claiming that "With or without the doctor's
treatment, a patient will recover on his own." The NYS WCB rule for
continuous treatments is to have follow-up appointments within 90 days.
NYCMNO writes "follow-up appointment in two months" in their "medical report
", but NYCMNO actually gives me the follow-up appointment in four full

【 在 WangLimin (王利民) 的大作中提到: 】
: NYS WCB # G2029240, The Power of Evil
: ---My Written Statement to the Upcoming 03/27/2020 Hearing
: By Limin Wang
: March 21, 2020
: WCB’s correspondence received on 02/20/2020 states that the employer/
: carrier,  claiming to “have documentation of voluntary removal from the
: labor market”, has made a hearing request on 02/10/2020, i.e., the date
:  WCB panel of three judges announced their rejection to my 10/31/2019
:  appeal. I am eager to learn what kind of documentation it could be. My
: documentations of the real murder but fake justice system through
: ...................

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